[self-interest] Re: (print objects)

maria mpato at xures.ei.uvigo.es
Wed Aug 25 11:50:42 UTC 1999

Jecel Assumpcao Jr escribió:

> >      I am Maryah and  I have finished an aplication on self, now  I want
> >
> > to write some documentation about my work and I have a question:
> >    - How can I print the objects of my aplication?.
> >
> >     I  read  this document: " Prototype-Based Application Construction
> > Usuing Self 4.0" by Mario Wolczko and Randall B Smih and I would like to
> >
> > do something similar.
> If you want to generate a graphical view of your objects to
> include in your documentation, you can use the Solaris application
> called "Snapshot" to capture the screen, a window or any rectangle
> in the screen. It is then easy to call up the "Image Viewer" to
> make some corrections to the captured image and to save it in
> the format most suitable for use with your word processor.
> Some people prefer to do the above steps with the "Xview" application
> available for all kinds of Unix systems.
> Sometimes it is interesting to dump an object in a textual form
> more compact and readable than that generated by David Ungar's
> transporter. That is easy to do - I can post the code here, if
> you want.
> -- Jecel

    thanks for yur help!...now I have another question... Is possible to print
the object of my system like text.

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