[self-interest] Re: (print objects)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Thu Aug 19 21:34:44 UTC 1999

>      I am Maryah and  I have finished an aplication on self, now  I want
> to write some documentation about my work and I have a question:
>    - How can I print the objects of my aplication?.
>     I  read  this document: " Prototype-Based Application Construction
> Usuing Self 4.0" by Mario Wolczko and Randall B Smih and I would like to
> do something similar.

If you want to generate a graphical view of your objects to
include in your documentation, you can use the Solaris application
called "Snapshot" to capture the screen, a window or any rectangle
in the screen. It is then easy to call up the "Image Viewer" to
make some corrections to the captured image and to save it in
the format most suitable for use with your word processor.

Some people prefer to do the above steps with the "Xview" application
available for all kinds of Unix systems.

Sometimes it is interesting to dump an object in a textual form
more compact and readable than that generated by David Ungar's
transporter. That is easy to do - I can post the code here, if
you want.

-- Jecel

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