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David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Aug 5 21:12:41 UTC 1999

Yes, HotSpot was an intellectual descendant of the Self VM work, and 
some of its
key personnel were former Selfies.

Jason, do you have access to a fairly recent Macintosh?

- Dave

At 10:08 AM -0700 8/2/99, riftweaver at hotmail.com wrote:
>Yes, I think its cool too; I've not been able to do more than read
>about Self, but having raided the old Sun site a few months ago, it
>seems like a very clean and fun language. Also persused the old Merlin
>stuff, and I am anxious to see what kind of system(s) you may produce.
>Dave -- didn't you end up working on Sun's "HotSpot" Java compiler?
>Jason Karney (jason at netgenics.com)
>> Cool!
>> - Dave
>> >Hi, friends!
>> >
>> >I've been without internet access for the past couple of weeks and
>> >am only now catching up with my email, including the discussions
>> >on this list.
>> >
>> >I thought you might be interested to know that I am typing this
>> >from the offices of "Merlin Computer Technology", the first
>> >company dedicated to producing hardware implementations of Self.
>> >We hope to be selling our first product (Merlin 6) by the
>> >Christmas season - I can post some details about it if there is
>> >interest.
>> >
>> >That doesn't mean that I have forgotten about software
>> >for PCs and such! They'll be coming along.
>> >
>> >This new company will soon have its own web site, and there will
>> >also be a special web server written in Self called "Self Projects".
>> >The pages for this site will be editable and there will be space
>> >for all Self related projects.
>> >
>> >-- Jecel
>> >
>> >
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