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> One way to avoid having version problems would be to simple include
> a copy of the virtual machine in the Snapshot! Then you are down to
> a single executable file that simply runs. This would seem like a
> really bad idea when you consider that each platform needs a separate
> virtual machine. You could include all of them in each Snapshot and
> either find a clever way to have each platform find the VM it needs
> in the file or else you can have a very tiny executable on each
> platform that does this for you. This last option brings us back
> to the two file system, but the tiny boot program would be much more
> stable (one version forever...) than the virtual machine.

I like this idea, but what about the potential bloat caused by the presence
of all of those conveniently present VMs?  We could just keep them there in
the image (maximum portability and convenience), or we could have this
little boot program strip out the uneeded ones, once the correct VM is
determined.  This option could be presented to the user on first start-up.

Any idea how big a typical VM might be?

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