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I think that JSelf Project can be in Sun Self pages. ( http://www.ConsultAr.com/JSelf )

In http://www.ConsultAr.com/Jself/Links.htm are a few Self related URLs collected.

Diego Gomez Deck

<199904222323.qaa0031- at us.eng.sun.com> wrote: 
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> I am going to update the Self web pages here at Sun, and would like to
> have links to all current and relevant Self work.
> If you are doing or even know of some Self-related project, please send
> me a URL if you have one. Even send me the obvious ones I should
> know about, I would consider it a favor to have it show up in my mail
> rather than to have to do the virtual archeology necessary to unearth
> the info from my jumbled files or my own brain...
> You can reply directly to me
>     randall.smith at sun.com
> Thanks!
> 	--Randy

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