[self-interest] Re: Still Self on Linux.

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Fri Apr 23 07:22:49 UTC 1999

ian at monk.cgocable.ca wrote:
> Well, I have nothing else to ask if any (let's say, Gordon's one) Self for Linux is no available. It's quite shame to not having Self on Linux. Why Self creator didn't had in mind portability.. just like Squeak (pretty neat) ?

I would guess that working for Sun made the Self team see things a
little differently than most of us regarding which machines were the
most "interesting".

Squeak is very portable, but that has a great cost in terms of
performance. The only way you can have portability is by ignoring
the special characteristics of all the different machines. But the
way to make things fast is by taking all these special features
into account.

I am looking at Ian Piumarta's new Jitter 2 compiler for Squeak and
it is very interesting. It tries to improve performance without
hurting portability. That is a noble goal, and I described in
previous email to this list my own ideas about how to get there.

-- Jecel

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