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Gordon Cichon Gordon at Cichon.de
Sat Apr 17 07:05:37 UTC 1999

Jose Baltasar Garcia Perez-Schofield -Lenguajes y Sistemas Informaticos- wrote:

> Hi again. ;-)
> No, Gordon, I can't do the next step.
>         By doing 'make lists' in ../linux/generated, I got the output:
>                 cwdROOT*, no such file or directory
>                 makeList*, no such file or directory
>                 make: error 127
>                 make: error 1
>         But these programs really are there, in self/bin/shell and in
> self/vm....(I don't remember exactly where). I tried to execute the make
> with the programs copied into the directory, but it didn't work. What's
> the trouble now ?
>         I've tried also all the rest of the steps, and it didn't work none
> of them.

Strange... I don't have executables named `cwdROOT' and `makeList`.

You could check if these files are marked as executable:
If you type `ls -l', you should see an `x' for executable.
For example:

> gordon at salt:~/self/bin/shell > ls -l makeFileLists
> -rwxr-xr-x   1 gordon   gordon       2156 Feb  1 23:47 makeFileLists

If there is no `x', you can type `chmod +x makeFileLists`

If that's not the problem, there's the hard way to find it out:

type `make -n lists' instead of `make lists'. Make will then
dispaly what it would like to do. You can then redo every step
by hand.

> gordon at salt:~/self/vm/linux/generated > make -n lists
> echo Creating include and dependency files
> makeFileLists `cd ../../../vm; make srcDirList`
> makeDepsAndIncs ../../../vm/includeDB
> cpp -undef Dependencies.cpp Dependencies
> cp ../../../vm/includeDB includeDB

Yo can trace a a C-shell script like `makeFileLists' if you add lines

> set echo
> set verbose

after all the comments before executing. At Bourne-shell scripts
it would be `set -x -v'.


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