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Gordon Cichon Gordon at Cichon.de
Wed Apr 14 19:47:33 UTC 1999

Jose Baltasar Garcia Perez-Schofield -Lenguajes y Sistemas Informaticos- wrote:

> Hi, all !
>         I'm still in trouble with Self4linux .....
>         I simply don't find what is the matter. I have followed all the
> instructions, with the new distribution SuSE 6.0 !!


that should be O.K. I personally used Suse 6.0, too.
It should work with RedHad also.

>         ... and got the following output from
> ~Self4Linux-0.1.0/bin/linux/make the first step:
> Making cwdRootedIn
> cwdRootedIn.o: In function `main':cwdRootedIn.o(.text+0xda): the `getwd'
> function is dangerous and should
> not be used.
> Making makeDepsAndIncs
> Making lock_run
> Making removeUnderscore
> Making skipComments
> Removing locks
> Updating include dependency database
> make[1]: makeDepsAndIncs: Command not found
> make[1]: *** [includeDB] Error 127
> make: *** [updateIncludeDB] Error 2

As far as I can remember, I also got this error message when
I compiled with the Self build system the first time.

Self tries to update its internal dependency/include database
which does not exist yet.

Could you sucessfully do the next step?


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