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Jose Baltasar Garcia Perez-Schofield -Lenguajes y Sistemas Informaticos- jbgarcia at pi.seinv.uvigo.es
Sat Apr 10 01:57:23 UTC 1999

Hi, all !

	I'm in trouble with Self4linux .... again. :-(

	Because I was afraid about the compatibility between Red Hat 5.2 -
the linux distribution I used to work on -
and SuSE 6.0 - the linux distribution of the Self4Linux author -, I have
upgrade - by format &reinstall - my system to SuSE 6.0; and they use
different glibc versions.

	The trouble now is at the point of installation listed below;
first 'make', at the /usr/local/bin/self/Self4Linux/bin/linux directory,
being root, and with the .bashrc enhancements made:

		making UnderScore
		Updating Database
		Old Database:
		make (1): error : includeDB no such file or directory.

	It seems to be a problem about something not installed, a
program related to the database the installation refers to, but I don't
know what program is. 

	Thank you in advance,


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