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> As I was planning the next steps in the development of my project, I
> saw that I had two paths that I could follow with the user interface
> technologies:
>  - do them as part of the overall tinySelf effort
>  - implement them so that they would work on the standard Self 4.0 VM
> The first option is easier since maintaining compatibility is always
> a great time drain. The little thing of tracking why Self 4 would only
> work with 256 colors that I did a while ago is a good example of this.
> On the other hand, doing it in Self would allow people on this list
> with access to Sun machines to try it out and even build programs
> around it (making tinySelf and Self 4 *much* more compatible). The
> technologies I am talking about are:
>  - 3D GUI (with a very reduced dependence on X Windows)
>  - "slices" selection mechanism
>  - different input event system
>  - multilingual cannonical strings
>  - "agent scripting" platform
> I can go into details about these, if there is interest

Yes, please break these down a little for us.

I have a special interest in high-performance 3D graphics (currently in
Squeak), but without using Qt-like C++ frameworks to achieve high speeds.

I don't know what "slices" refers to.

I would like details on your best concept for an input event system.

> this is more related to my project than with Self). If I were two
> implement this on Self 4.0, I could either do it as one big blob
> (a new Snapshot, for example) or as separately loadable modules.
> Which would be preferable? It would certainly be much harder to
> make these changes independent.

Why is Self 4.0-compatibility important?  If you understand clearly and
completely what you are doing by creating tinySelf, then realize tinySelf,
and forget everything else for now.

I want simplicity (a few broadly applied patterns), clarity, and minimality.
>From these, we build the rest.  From these, also, we build and
compartmentalize our Self 4.0-compatibility, if desired.


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