[self-interest] Re: Self porting to Java VM

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Fri Oct 30 04:35:28 UTC 1998

Diego Gomez Deck wrote:
> I started a Self implementation dependent of the Java VM.

If you mean a version of Self that run on a normal Java VM, that is
a very good idea any many people have written to me in the past
suggesting that I do something like this. While I have gone in another
direction, there certainly seems to be some demand for this. I don't
know if you saw what the Python people did (called JPython - see
http://www.python.org), but it will probably help spread that
language a bit more.

Another interesting thing to do is to allow Java programs to run
on top of Self 4.0. This would let the web browser run applets,
for example. One trivial way to do this would be to translate
Java bytecodes more or less directly into Self bytecodes with
most of the more complex ones being converted into normal message
sends (plus an adequate library, of course). If I remember correctly,
some student has already done something like this at Sun, right?

-- Jecel
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