[self-interest] Re: Greetings everyone

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Mon Oct 26 05:57:13 UTC 1998

Gregory Burd wrote:
>         I have toyed with tinySelf (nice work)

Thanks, but I wonder if you are talking about the C parser thing
(which I renamed tinySelf 0) or the one in Self (tinySelf 1). The
former doesn't do anything while the latter is still very much
broken (but at least it is broken in parallel ;-).

> and I have started an
> implementation of the train GC algorithm to place under GNU GPL
> someday with all of the extra stuff that Java 1.2 has added to the
> complex world of GC. 

I liked the train algorithm as was presented for Beta at ECOOP'95,
but don't know if any idea with backpointers will ever be scalable.

I haven't kept up with what has been happening on the Java front
and frankly don't care - I can never use anything that wasn't already
in Java 1.0 or it won't work with a lot of browsers out there (including
the ones I use).

> I have also toyed with various adaptive
> compilation ideas, no code there yet...

Too bad the Self 4.0 virtual machine isn't exactly an ideal place
on which you could try out your ideas - it is hardly "open ended"
enough for that.

-- Jecel

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