[self-interest] Greetings everyone

Gregory Burd gburd at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Oct 23 16:09:56 UTC 1998

Greetings all,

	My name is Greg Burd, I work for Sun.  I used to work in the
JavaSoft division, now I write software to generate excitement in
emerging markets.  I have followed Self for years, I have videos on
it, I have talked to the people who wrote it, I love it.  I hated the
day that Steve Jobs killed the Newton not only because it was a great
technology, but also because it was inspired by Self to some degree.
I have other reasons to dislike Steve, I used to work at NeXT Computer
(note the "Computer" part, :)

	I have toyed with tinySelf (nice work) and I have started an
implementation of the train GC algorithm to place under GNU GPL
someday with all of the extra stuff that Java 1.2 has added to the
complex world of GC.  I have also toyed with various adaptive
compilation ideas, no code there yet...

just thought I would drop everyone a line,

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