[self-interest] How does the Self VM work?

Douglas Atique datique at pcs.usp.br
Tue Oct 20 16:29:28 UTC 1998

Hello, everyone. Let me introduce myself. I consider myself new to Self though I first heard about it in 1996. I got interested in its philosophy of simplicity and power, together with the prototypes which were a new concept to me. In fact, I have downloaded and printed most of the articles available on http://self.sunlabs.com/ but have not been able to grasp all the concepts and ideas present in these articles. Perhaps the problem was that I didn't have a SPARCstation on which to run Self. I thought it would be interesting to try to port the Self Virtual Machine to a more popular architecture, like PCs, but it is proving itself not very easy. As I am so stubborn, I have not given it all up yet, but set a new aim for myself: I intend to study the Self Virtual Machine and model it with the Booch'93 notation. If anyone wants to join this "expedition" into the Self source code, please do. You are supposed to be able to read C++ source code. Then you are supposed to download the sources and look at them!
Note: I intend not to do it in a hurry, as I am rather busy with other subjects by now, and I intend to be looking at this list once a week (on Tuesdays). I appreciate comments on the structure of the Self VM (I know of at least Jecel who knows Self well enough to do that) and suggestions of recommended readings about it.
I hope this makes everybody start talking. This list is so quiet...
Regards to all,

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