[self-interest] patches

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Sat Oct 17 19:33:49 UTC 1998

I am putting all the little patches I need to make Self 4.0 work right
as modules in a special patches directory. So far I have:

   canvasPatches.self : fixes a 'gc not found' bug when Self tries to
recover colors from the colormap.
   xlibPatch.self : the _XStoreBytesInto: primitive worked on older
machines, but fails in SunOS 5.6
   webPatch.self : the format of the GET command doesn't work with the
Apache proxy server

If there is any interest, I can put these in some directory where they
can be downloaded.

I was hoping to patch Self to work with more than 256 colors (which is
really annoying), but that looks like a major rewrite instead. Another
interesting thing to have would be the code mentioned in the "Oz"
debugging article to avoid creating new worlds on the slightest crash of
the UI. Here is a case where a decent exeption system would make things
much easier.

-- Jecel
P.S.: sorry about the ads. I thought they would be shorter. Anyway, we
will have to put up with them until egroups starts accepting credit
cards :-(
P.S.2: I was going to go to OOPSLA'98 but chickened out at the last
moment. Will there be any kind of "Self get together" there this year?
Otherwise just sneak in the Squeak crowd :-). Next year there will be a
big Self BOF - count on it!

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