[self-interest] Re: true colors (was: Need HELP! running SELF on a Sun Ultra2)

Randy Smith Randall.Smith at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Nov 19 21:33:18 UTC 1998

> David Ungar wrote:
> > 
> > You might want to check with John Maloney at Disney before completely
> > giving up.
> Do you mean that he had a patch for UI2 to work with "true colors" or
> that I should look at what he has done in Squeak? In the latter case,
> Squeak Morphic is entirely based in WarpBitBLT and doesn't resemble
> X-Windows at all (which is good, in my opinion), so adapting that
> to Self would be a major rewrite.
> -- Jecel

I don't think John had such a patch. The assumption of 8 bit color map
is spread around a bit in the UI2 paint model, so for now the only
realistic option is to run your X in 8-bit deep default mode, which , of
course, you may not want to do for other apps or whatever.

Promoting the UI to full color was on John's list, but pretty far down
compared to other urgent things, so no one ever got around
to doing it, sad to say. It SHOULD be possible to make another kind of
paint and paint management system -- I don't think the 8-bit model
it is really unencapsuated beyond the edges of that part of the UI.

(Would have replied earlier, but have been out of town.)

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