[self-interest] Need HELP! running SELF on a Sun Ultra2

Douglas Michael Auclair dauclair at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 18 19:30:00 UTC 1998

Hello, all, I got processing time on an Ultra2 and installed SELF.  The 
VM comes up fine, but the ui2 window is this big, blank white thing that 
does respond to any message (I can only type _Quit from the VM shell).  
The message it spits out in the shell is:

        Welcome to the Self system!  (Version 4.0.2)

Copyright 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Stanford 
See the LICENSE file for license information.

Type _Credits for full credits.

VM version: 4.0.5

"Self 23" 
Warning: A ui2 window is now using a private colormap; flashing
may occur when moving the cursor between windows.
Error: 5227889 is absent.
Receiver is: a vector.
X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes).

May I please receive some help to get the SELF system up, running and 
interacting with me a la ui?  Thank you in advance.

Doug Auclair

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