[self-interest] Re: studying the Self 4.0 VM sources

Douglas Atique datique at pcs.usp.br
Sat Nov 7 13:17:42 UTC 1998

Thanks for the explanation. I have been trying to do what you told for some time, but I didn`t link the code to the articles` contents so as to get this pretty view you gave me.
I am doing a bookkeeping job on the classes and inheritance, but it seems not to be a small job. Also, it is easy to get tired of looking at so much code if you don`t understand how all that matches the beautiful theory we read in the articles. Anyway, if someone wants to help, it is interesting that we start reading specific subsystems of the VM, like asm, fast_compiler, lookup, prims, parser, runtime, etc. I guess they are more or less independent of each other.

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