[self-interest] Re: JSelf Home Page

Diego Gomez Deck DiegoG at Crear.com.ar
Wed Nov 4 22:15:11 UTC 1998

The principal idea behind the JSelf porting is not to execute in a browser.... (This is a secondary efect)

The ideas will be writed soon in a document called "Why JSelf?".

Before this document becomes available I'll tell you why we believe in a Java Port.

1) Run Everywhere.  All of us thinks that one pendient thing of Self is the posibility of run in too many machines.
2) Garbage Collector.  The actual implementation of Java GC not are to good, but they are working... (And many people is working in do them better!)
3) And.... HotSpot... We beleive that some of the work to make the JSelf performance aceptable is current in process in JavaSoft....  Another chance is the GNU-Spot project....

The project are in the initial stage, too many definition are pending, but we have in mind 3 stages in the project
a) Interpreter (No care of performance)
b) Runtime Bytecode generation (A la JPython)
c) Dinamic Runtime Bytecode generation, type inference and.... all the necesary to make the JSelf usable.


(|diego. gomez. deck|)

PS: If i spend the time writing mails, I can't work in the project.

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