[self-interest] SELF port and source code

Douglas M. Auclair dauclair at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 3 20:11:17 UTC 1998

Hello, all.  I'm Doug Auclair; I'd like to help the porting effort of SELF.  It seems the source is not at self.sunlabs.com (the just have a binary in the tar ... and I don't have a Sparc).  Would someone give me the source/point me to the URL where it is?  Is it, like, GPLed?  Question for Jecel:  you said you're running SELF on an Ultra5.  I'm not sure, but I think they are expensive?  What version of Solaris is it running on?  Is it too slow to run in on a Sparc2 or 5?  When I read the whitepapers on SELF, I thought, <em>WOW!</em>, inheritance without classes.  And I thought Smalltalk was responsive. (well, it is!  I program in C++ on the job :-)  Here I am, what do you need me to do?  thx, Doug

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