[self-interest] Re: Grammar questions

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at kiel.netsurf.de
Tue Dec 29 11:03:08 UTC 1998

Dru Nelson wrote:

>[Using VW Smalltalk]

>Is this from T Gen or something else?  Sounds neat.

It's something else. I wrote scanner and parser from scratch without any
generator program. No big deal for a grammar as small as for Self.

>[Status of completition]

>Yeah, I finished my lexer and it is time for the parser and code gen.
>I don't really know how I will deal with some of those issues as well.
>I'll tell you what, though, Smalltalk is a lot better to debug than
>C. I sometimes get those nice gdb stack traces with the '??' as the name
>for each function. :-)

No comment :-)  BTW, in the meantime I've nearly finished my parser and I
can simulate most expressions.  Because of the way I wrote the simulator, I
cannot evaluate non-local-returns but otherwise, things work as expected.


>Emulating Self with Smalltalk. I'm sure the Self guys will get a kick out
>of that. Then you could run their Smalltalk emulation system under it.

Probably :-)

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