Urgent Query

Mario Wolczko mario at eng.sun.com
Tue May 13 17:49:18 UTC 1997


I suggest you try this:

Start the snapshot with -F (to discard any saved machine code) and -p
(to prevent automatic startup of the scheduler and desktop).  If you
get a VM# prompt, run _Verify to see if the the heap is intact.  If you
can't get the VM prompt, or _Verify reports trouble, then I'm afraid
there's no hope.  If both succeed, then the problem was probably in
the saved machine code and you can continue by typing "prompt start".

An example session is listed below.

General caution: it's not a good idea to overwrite the only known good
snapshot with a suspect one.  If you're tight on disk space, consider
using the snapshot option that automatically compresses and
uncompresses (see the snapshot options dialogue)...you should be able
to get two compressed snapshots in the space required by one
uncompressed snapshot.


obj.$$ ./Self -F -p -s Snapshot
VM# _Verify
verifying newgen: eden from to oldgen: old0 z p r S v O m N M i  done
lobby <0>: ( | lobby = lobby. mixins = <1>. traits = <2>. globals* = <3>. shell = <4>. defaultBehavior* = <5>. | )

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