Enhancing The Use Of Targeted E-Mail!

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Tue Feb 4 12:15:43 UTC 1997

While visiting your website, THE OBJECT-ORIENTED PAGE ...  I assumed that you may be using regular mail or e-mail for promotional purposes. With our Comprehensive Business Lists of E-Mail Addresses, you can pre-qualify a large audience and communicate with it in an effective and economical way.  Response rates to e-mail are often several times higher than those of other methods.

At IncBase Digital Corp., we specialize in creating customized e-mail databases gathered from commercial websites specific to an industry, customer type, supplier or other target group on the Internet.  Target groups can be selected by SIC codes or by general industry descriptions.  Our proprietary technology can generate hundreds of sales leads.

Each database record includes:

- Website name,
- URL,
- Corporate e-mail; and
- Website description

If you are interested in receiving more information simply hit "reply" and type the word
'INFO' in the subject line. If we have caused any inconveinince by providing you with this information please except our appologies. Type "Remove" to ensure being  removed from our list.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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