Building the VM source

Jon Howell jonh at
Wed Oct 30 20:18:16 UTC 1996

Hi there again. I've played with Self via a remote X connection (thanks,
Mario!), and I love it. I'm buying a Sparc to run it on. (slowly. :v)

I would like to build the VM source. (Hinting to maybe considering porting
it to something else, though I understand from reading back through the
archive of this list that this would be a formidable undertaking. So I best
not make any promises. :v) However, it's abundantly not clear to me how
to get the source to build on a SunOS machine. The docs mention some RCS
setup from UW, but (of course) the source tree isn't set up that way.
I spent a fair amount of time just getting the compile-time tools in
bin/sun4 to build. This makes me think that there's probably a "right way"
to get the tree to build (a "make all" sort of thing), and I don't have it. :v)

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


                            Jon Howell
                 jonh at
     603-643-2460 (h) 603-646-3297 (w)

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