No wonder why nobody posts to this list

Mario Wolczko mario.wolczko at Eng.Sun.COM
Sun Oct 20 09:24:33 UTC 1996

As list owner, I get copies of all this stuff too, and as soon as I
see evidence that a username or hostname is invalid (ie more than just
a single transient failure) I remove the address from the list and
send a message to the offending address (just in case for some reason
it really does work after all).

I am no sendmail expert.  If someone can tell me how to save you, the
poster, from getting copies of all the bounces, that would be great.
But you can be assured that I am aware of the problems, and that the
normal decay rate is something like 2 usernames a week, so if you
happen to be unlucky enough to post after a 3 week hiatus you will get
half a dozen bounces -- that's life, I'm afraid.

If you think you have problems, you should see my mailbox!

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