Zippier outliner development environment?

Cameron Elliott cam at
Thu Nov 28 04:33:35 UTC 1996

I am trying to do a considerable amount to development work
in the self environment,
using the Self 4.0 release.

But with more than 2-3 large outliners open the interactive
performance is bothersome.
(I admit my patience is lacking somewhat also)

I am using a 143Mhz UltraSparc with 64M ram, although
my X server is running on a Win95 system via 10Mbps Ethernet.
(Its not the best, but I don't think it's the slowdown here)
(Actually, today I just upgraded to 128M ram, so that may help)

I have done a small amount of system monitoring via 'top', and
the problem doesn't seem to be excessive paging.

I suspect that the morphic system combined with Kansas is not
as fast as I would really like it to be.
If I drag a closed outliner around over an empty portion of
the world, I am quite pleased with the redraw speed.
But when I start dragging open outliners around over other
open outliners, things really slow down.

I'm pretty jazzed by the outliner development environment, and don't
want to lose that, but I was wondering if any the Self team
members had other environments that they used for long
periods of programming.
(Say maybe minus some of the Kansas functionality)

I also tried to bring up the ui1 Snapshot, ie:
$ ./Snapshot.ui1
    Welcome to the Self...
"Self 2" 

But I wasn't quite sure what method to invoke to bring up 
an X window. (As you can see, I get the VM prompt, "Self 2", 
but I don't get an X window as I do with the 4.0 release Snapshot)

Thanks for your help,

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