Self Tutorial converted to HTML

Mario Wolczko mario at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Nov 28 01:08:02 UTC 1996

> Just finished converting the Self Tutorial to HTML and sent it to Mario.
> Expect to see it online soon!
> ---
> Steve Dekorte - OpenStep Developer - Anaheim, CA

I finally got around to putting it on the Self web site.  It's
available directly from the main page on  Or, look
in for a tar file
containing the HTML sources and images.

One caution: I can't see the content of many of the pages using
Netscape Navigator 2.01 or 2.02 (it seems that it is confused by the
two-column pages).  Internet Explorer 3.0 works fine, though.
The Self web browser, however, does a pretty passable job, despite
never having been designed to cope with tables.  Way to go, Dave!
It's nice to have a tutorial available from within the system.

Thanks to Steve for making this available!


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