Running SELF

Arazik Khachatrian khac7047 at
Sun Nov 3 23:13:03 UTC 1996

I am running SELF on Spark station which has > 64 M of RAM. The OS is
Sun 4.1. The Self is very slow, the respond time some times 10-15 min.
The disk is constantly running. I think some thing wrong with the
installation. Also when I try to evaluate the expressions from VM prompt,
I cant start scheduler with VM# prompt start, and I cand evaluete any
expression, exept the simplest (|x. y. z|), (|x. y. z| x: 0. y: 1. z: 2)
gives me error. What could be the problem?
	I would appriciate any help. 
		Araz. khac7047 at

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