start-up seeks development team members

Carlo Walentiny 101604.1573 at CompuServe.COM
Sun Jun 30 12:02:35 UTC 1996

...reflective systems...dynamic compilation(RTCG)...persistent object
stores... 3D graphics...user interface design...program visualization implementation...(C++) compiler design...code generation...
intermediate representations...Fresco...Interviews...Oberon...object-
oriented design...meta programming...virtual reality...OpenGL
...state-of-the-art programming environments...Self 4.0...Gwydion...

                Do any of these topics interest you?                


              Location:       Luxembourg
              Starting date:  1 September (negotiable)

Here is an opportunity to join a Luxembourg-based start-up 
and take part in the development of a product which will set 
a new standard for interactive programming environments.

To get an idea of the kind of benefits this product will 
provide, please read

(and maybe also browse through

If you think topping Gwydion's desirable goals, and doing this for 
C++ (which is rather more widely used than Dylan), sounds like a 
commercially and intellectually interesting idea, you might 
want to read on.

Applicants must fulfill the following five requirements:

	- have a good sense of humour;

	- be intelligent;

	- be fluent in C/C++;

	- be willing to move to Luxembourg for at least a year; 

	- (unfortunately) be a citizen of the EU (since otherwise 
	  you will not be allowed to work in Luxembourg).

Successful applicants will be offered an OK salary, as well as
some equity. Above all, you will participate in a demanding, exciting
and stimulating project, which offers you the possibility to work
in the following areas:

	- reflective systems, meta programming, open implementation;

	- (C++) compilers (and the C++ standard), intermediate 
	representations, retargetable (binary) code generation, 
	dynamic compilation, implementations of Smalltalk and 
	Self, VCODE, (incremental and interactive) programming 
	environments design (Mjolner/Orm,...), ...;

	- 3D graphics, OpenGL, user interface design, 
	virtual reality, direct manipulation, portable graphics
 	libraries, Fresco, Interviews, constraint systems, 
	software visualization, ...;

	- persistent object stores, pointer swizzling, 
	Texas, Mneme, ... .

The more you are interested in and/or know about one or several of
the above areas, the better.

Whether you are about to graduate, writing up your PhD, or already 
have work experience, I look forward to hearing from you.

Carlo Walentiny

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