idea: slices

Rainer Blome rainer at
Wed Jun 12 16:29:34 UTC 1996

Jecel wrote:
> Rainer wrote:
> > How should this work?  Basically, I see two possibilities.

But I didn't see the obvious one:

> Why can't it work as normal collections? Pass each
> element of the slice to the block
>          block value: thisElement
> ...
> I think you are complicating something that is
> almost trivial.

You are right, this is the way to do it in Self.

What I thought of is slightly different, though.  The `value:'
argument gives a name to the element, by which it is then referred
to from within the block.  I wanted to leave the element implicit,
to let the block be sort of an external method.  The block's code
would look like it were in a method of the element, with
encapsulation preserved.

Currently, if I understand correctly, you have to write sth. like

	   selection do: [|value| value moveBy: distance.  ].

I was looking for a way to allow

	   selection do: [moveBy: distance.  ].

For this to work, global behavior would have to include a way to
accept and process such a block (either by a `do:' message or, even
cooler, by directly accepting blocks as messages).  Am I missing
something (again)?


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