is there available Papers in A4 ?

Paul Dourish dourish at
Thu Jun 6 15:48:43 UTC 1996

> I have HP LaserJet 4M and have not Letter tray => I cannot 
> print Self-* papers on this printer.
> Is Self-*.ps papers available perpared for A4 ?

I've cc'ed this to self-interest, since it's something of a FAQ in

There are multiple ways to get Frame files to print correctly on HP
printers on different paper sizes.

If the file is generated by Frame v5, then the first Postscript
variable defined after the comment header will be FMAllowPaperSizeMismatch.
By default, this is set to false; you can just change it to be true.

For documents produced by Frame v4, then you can use this sed command:

    sed -e '654,658s/^/%/' -e '663s/^/pop %/'

to process the file. This is a kinda hacky solution, but it works.

For documents produced by Frame 3 or earlier, I don't believe there's
a problem; if there is, it's quite possible that the sed hack will work.

                                                  -- Paul.

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