ports and morphs (was: Solaris 2.5 x86?)

Rainer Blome rainer at physik3.gwdg.de
Wed Jun 5 16:07:09 UTC 1996

> By the way, what is Kevo ?

For an overview of all prototype-based languages I could find info
about in the net (12 at last count), visit my Prototypes page at:


As far as I know, this is the most comprehensive collection on the subject.
If anybody can suggest an addition, please don't hesitate, it can
surely use some improvements.


An excerpt from the page:

> ftp://cs.uta.fi/pub/kevo/
> Excerpt from the README: Kevo is a prototypical (= classless)
> object-oriented system built around a straightforward multitasking
> threaded code interpreter.
> The system has been implemented to experiment with a new kind of an
> object model that is based neither on conventional inheritance nor
> delegation (a la Self).  Instead, Kevo uses _concatenation_:
> unrestricted composition of object interfaces.
> Syntactically the language resembles Forth, but is far more
> advanced in many respects.  An integrated Macintosh Finder-like
> iconic object browser is provided for object inspection, definition
> and manipulation.  Currently, only the Macintosh version of Kevo is
> available publicly.
> Directory cs.uta.fi/pub/kevo/Papers
> There's also a paper about the related Forth issues

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