Portable Self

Sandor Lengyel x2495 slengy at ecad04.calcomp.com
Tue Jul 30 19:37:21 UTC 1996

>>So I was thinking: Self could do with the portability that byte codes
>>have. What's to stop someone producing a Self -> java bytecode

>>The advantages are:

>>- great portability
>>- great availability
>>- etc

>>The problems I see are:

And that the byte code is so slooow. (Since interpeted)

I am also interested in java, but it is a very slow language. Its advantage

  1. There will be Just in time Compilers. Which change the byte code into
machine code. They are not platform independent.
  2. Hardware which will be optimized for the byte code.

Because of this, Java will be a very usefull language indeed.


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