WYSIWYG Editor in Self ?

Huebner Michael.Huebner at PrakInf.TU-Ilmenau.DE
Tue Jul 30 19:11:31 UTC 1996


is there anybody who wrote a WYSIWYG Editor in Self?

My dream editor would be one with a LaTeX-like internal representation of the document
and a WYSIWYG interface with a very intuitive interaction.
The LaTeX representation should enable the easy usage of user defined constructs.
To handle this in a WYSIWYG system it would be necessary to provide views behind the curtains.

The interaction should be very object oriented, i.e. 
	first select an object (or a group of objects)
	then  get the menu of possible messages from that object(s) 
	then  select a message
	then  provide arguments to the upcoming form
	then  confirm/cancel the operation

For undo-able argumentless messages the last 2 steps are superfluous.
For very often used methods there should be short key sequences to call the method.

The most today WYSIWYG systems are function oriented so it wouldn't be good to mimic
their interfaces.

The best thing of an editor in Self would be the possibility to extend/change the editor 
to the needs of the user. This should be supported by a good help facility.

Emacs is a prototype for an extensible (but ASCII) editor. It has a help system with 
some good ideas. But there remain unfulfilled wishes.

My requirements are very strong, so I would welcome for the first time a simple WYSIWYG 
editor which supports different formats (headings, main text, item ...).
Later there could be extras like equations, tables, references, ... .
I hope my ideas don't sound too silly. 


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