Safe delete code now available

Bay-Wei Chang bchang at
Fri Apr 19 17:17:59 UTC 1996

> on the whole idea of asking the user to confirm an action. This isn't
> the best solution - it becomes a part of dimissing and you'll end
> up clicking on "yes" before you realize you didn't want to get rid
> of it after all.
> Wouldn't it be better to push the dismissed morphs into a fixed size
> (lets say 3) STACK and have a global menu item to retrieve the last
> one? A little like the trash can in the Macintosh (there is supposed
> to be a trash can in Kansas too, but I never saw it yet...). 

There is indeed a trash can in the release; it may not be present in
the tutorial snapshot though.

In fact, I implemented this very behavior for "delete" for myself.
I'll try to find the bits of code I added for this--very few lines
overall.  Shift-right clicking* on an object causes it to zip over to
the trash can icon and get sucked in.  (The zip is animated, but the
suck isn't yet... any takers?)  The delete menu item is renamed "throw

*yeah, shift is a hack.


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