Problems running with Sun's graphics cards?

Randy Smith Randall.Smith at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Apr 19 17:36:01 UTC 1996

I don't understand all of the errors below, but the Xerror: problem (the
most serious looking of those you encountered) might be Self's
assumption of an 8-bit deep window.

If you can start your X window server with an 8-bit default, it might
fix at least some of your problem. (8 is now the default depth at least
within Sun, even though there ae many 24 bit deep displays in use. Many
Sun applications apparently made the same goofy assumptiuon we did in

For example, openwindows can be started with an option to set the
display depth (see the Xsun man page, about the defdepth option.)

Sorry I have been out for a week, unable to reply until today...

Good luck,


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> Subject: Problems running with Sun's graphics cards?
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> Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 14:57:56 +0200
> From: Alan Davidson <alan at>
> After five years of trying to arrange a student environment where they can run 
> Self and complete an assignment, my department has finally installed a number 
> of SS5's with S24 graphics cards. I was all ready to go, when I tried to run 
> Self on one of these student machines and:
> ...
> 	Warning: A ui2 window is now using a private colormap; flashing
> 	may occur when moving the cursor between windows.
> 	Error: 5227889 is absent.
> 	Receiver is: a vector.
> 	X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes).
> 	VM# 
> and the UI window is empty. Since everything runs perfectly on other machines 
> without graphics cards, or with other graphics cards than S24, I suspect that 
> this is Sun's fault.
> Now I could report the error to Sun in Sweden, who will ask Sun in the States, 
> who might be able to help me, but I need Self in just one week. So is there 
> anyone in this group who knows more than me about Self error messages/bugs in 
> graphics cards who can help me?
> Alan Davidson
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