Problems running with Sun's graphics cards?

Alan Davidson alan at
Wed Apr 17 12:57:56 UTC 1996

After five years of trying to arrange a student environment where they can run 
Self and complete an assignment, my department has finally installed a number 
of SS5's with S24 graphics cards. I was all ready to go, when I tried to run 
Self on one of these student machines and:
	Warning: A ui2 window is now using a private colormap; flashing
	may occur when moving the cursor between windows.
	Error: 5227889 is absent.
	Receiver is: a vector.
	X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes).
and the UI window is empty. Since everything runs perfectly on other machines 
without graphics cards, or with other graphics cards than S24, I suspect that 
this is Sun's fault.

Now I could report the error to Sun in Sweden, who will ask Sun in the States, 
who might be able to help me, but I need Self in just one week. So is there 
anyone in this group who knows more than me about Self error messages/bugs in 
graphics cards who can help me?

Alan Davidson
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Stockholm University				Fax: (+46) - 8 - 703 90 25
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