Safe delete code now available

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at
Tue Apr 16 00:23:35 UTC 1996

Tobermory Everett wrote:
> I was getting frustrated with accidentally deleting objects, so I decided it
> would be a good thing(tm) for me to implement my last proposal.  It ended up
> being very easy (I'm getting much better at Self, and it's so much easier to
> use now that I finagled access onto an UltraSparc 167:).

Nothing like practice :-)

> It works perfectly, to add a dismiss warning to an object, all I have to do
> is add a slot "deleteWithoutWarning = false".  Unfortunately, I have no way
> to share this work because I can't seem to figure out how to get a module to
> include a complex morph.  Any hints?  All the code comes across fine, but
> the actual morph I use for the dialog box doesn't (I can't userQuery because
> of some locking problem).

I can't help you with the module thing, but I would like to comment
on the whole idea of asking the user to confirm an action. This isn't
the best solution - it becomes a part of dimissing and you'll end
up clicking on "yes" before you realize you didn't want to get rid
of it after all.

Wouldn't it be better to push the dismissed morphs into a fixed size
(lets say 3) STACK and have a global menu item to retrieve the last
one? A little like the trash can in the Macintosh (there is supposed
to be a trash can in Kansas too, but I never saw it yet...). 

-- Jecel

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