Rainer Blome rainer at
Sun Sep 24 17:39:25 UTC 1995

although this thread is weeks old, i feel that i owe a reply to some of the
postings.  sorry i didn't do so right away.  i don't have the time to say
all that i would like to but i tend to be a little too verbose anyway.


rainer: >>
urs: >
>> Maybe the compiler can optimize that away, but I don't think so.

> Well, I couldn't let *that* bait go :-) Here's a little experiment:
> On my system, [foo test:  100000 With: 3 With: 4] time is 135..161   and
>               [foo test2: 100000 With: 3 With: 4] time is 137..162.
> No difference.

i'm impressed.  i should have known this outcome before, though, shame on
me.  seems my mind was locked on "looking up if: is not static".  as you
> [...] a dynamic parent can [will, at the moment] mess up performance.

OK, i'm a believer now.  

gotta go, so procedure abstraction / BETA / CLOS is for later.


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