slot types

Jason Jobe asimov!jason at
Mon Sep 11 01:48:46 UTC 1995

An attribut of a slot could be: "partOf" -slot.
When an object is copied all objects in partOf -slots
of this object are also copied.

A parent slot could be a partOf slot, too.

It seems to me that is starting to sound somewhat like dylan's slot  
allocation attribute which supports the following options:

1. instance - each instance gets one
2. class - one for the specified class, subclasses share it.
3. each-subclass - class gets one as does each subclass (used by  
direct instances)
4. constant - no setter method

Now these are defined in a "class" oriented environment but it does  
seem reasonable to specify a "clone" allocation attribute that does  
the right thing for simple cases. Of course, one can always  
override the "clone" method to do whatever you want.


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