Scrollbar morphems?

Dave Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Wed Sep 6 21:10:12 UTC 1995

Jecel, you are a fellow after my own heart!
I too argued against accept/cancel.
I think that an "accept" should happen after each keystroke.
What you see should always be what is real.
Of course, you need a more robust syntax, etc, but I think
it is doable.
The Tek MagPie system did this for PASCAL.

As for scroll bars et al-- it just hit me that there is now
NO ONE who is getting paid to maintain or improve the 
user interface or programming environment.
That means that if you want something like scrolling or better
accept cancel buttons, it would be great if our users
went ahead and improved the system in such a way that
we could just "buy back" the changes.

Of course, that means enough discussion so everyone feels
happy, and also folks putting in time, but it would really
be neat!

- Dave

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