Hello, world!

Lars R{der Clausen elascurn at daimi.aau.dk
Tue Oct 31 18:56:50 UTC 1995

Just arriving at the list - hi folks:)
I thought I'd like to introduce myself, as well as give a comment or two:

I'm a 4th year comp.sci. student at Aarhus University, Denmark, where we
are using Self in a course on Prototypebased Object-Oriented
Programming. This is my first experience with Self (and Smalltalk), but I
find it pretty intuitive, and would like to add something to it.

If somebody wants it, I've made a variant on Sequence which always starts
at zero, but has a more time-efficient allocation strategy (amortically
O(1)). I haven't checked all the descendant responsibilities yet, though.

Apart from my 'real' project (which is a NewtonScript simulator using
Mango), I'm trying to implement keyboard shortcuts for menu
operations. This implies a redefinition of keyboard subscribing, such that
keyboard events that are not used fall through to other subscribers
(instead of exclusive subscription). If someone else have tried this, let
me know, of course.

I'll probably also make a proportional slider, maybe even two-dimensional.

Is there a startup-script available which doesn't load the ui2? When
testing Mango things, which is done solely on the prompt, it's not nice to
have those additional MB's to swap out. 

Is there a move towards copy-down instead of traits going on? Have anybody
implemented copy-down-on-write or the like?


Lars Clausen    Amiga, BSD, Linux, DOS & ZX in one box    elascurn at daimi.aau.dk
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