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>On Tue, 24 Oct 1995 11:36:09 +0100, Brendan Gowing <bgowing at>
>> I'm still waiting for Jecel's version of Self!
>> Have you any news for us Jecel? Your version of Self is eagerly
>> awaited!
>Well, I wasn't going to answer the original post as all I can say
>is that tinySelf is late ( as usual :-(  ) and Dick Ulrich asked
>about a *port* to Linux ( I think he already knew about my version ).

Yes, I know your version is not a port of Self4 (that's why I said
"version" and not "port" in the earlier mail message), but I am still
waiting for tinySelf as I do not have the facilities to run Self 4
with any form of decent interaction. I am hoping that tinySelf will
offer me the first real opportunity to use the Self language in an
inexpensive (in terms of memory and performance costs) format.

I think your endeavour is worthy of praise and was using this forum to
say that. Three cheers for Jecel! :-)

>As tinySelf is just a simple interpreter, it would in no way replace
>a real port of Self 4.0 to Linux - I would love to get one too!

Sure, but for the moment I would imagine that Self 4 is still to
Sun-hardware dependent for a realistic port to any PC system.

As an aside, I propose that a version of Self 4 be developed which
internally uses Jecel's interpreter instead of the current versions
intelligent compilation sytem, but still keeps all the graphics and
nice user interface stuff. In this manner, porting would be greatly
simplified. (Yes, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek!!)

>-- Jecel


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