Jecel Mattos de Assumpcao Jr. jecel at
Tue Oct 24 13:48:15 UTC 1995

On Tue, 24 Oct 1995 11:36:09 +0100, Brendan Gowing <bgowing at>
> I'm still waiting for Jecel's version of Self!
> Have you any news for us Jecel? Your version of Self is eagerly
> awaited!

Well, I wasn't going to answer the original post as all I can say
is that tinySelf is late ( as usual :-(  ) and Dick Ulrich asked
about a *port* to Linux ( I think he already knew about my version ).

As tinySelf is just a simple interpreter, it would in no way replace
a real port of Self 4.0 to Linux - I would love to get one too!

BTW - some of the things that have been delaying tinySelf might make
future versions better than they would be, though they do nothing
for this first implementation.

Another thing - I am preparing a two disk set derived from the
Slackware boot disks so that people who don't have Linux installed
can try out tinySelf by booting directly from the floppy.

-- Jecel

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