Q: Using custom outliner in Self Env.

Henrik B{rbak Christensen hbc at daimi.aau.dk
Fri Oct 20 08:04:16 UTC 1995

As part of a small project in a course in Self/prototyped OO
I'm trying to investigate a more concrete object navigation
metaphor than provided in the Self environment. This naturally
lead to a whish to substitute the 'objectOutliner' provided
in the Self 4.0 programming environment with something a
'refined' version that I supply myself.

Now the question is: How does Self associate a Self object with
the Outliner morph, and can I intervene in order to tell
the environment to use my own outliner instead (read: HOW do I
intervene)? I do not need the outliner on all self objects;
perhaps only on a couple of object that I have defined myself
(This would probably ease debugging my own new outliner :-)

Thanks for any suggestions...

Henrik Baerbak Christensen		e-mail:  hbc at daimi.aau.dk
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