Self-related events at OOPSLA

Mario Wolczko Mario.Wolczko at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Oct 12 00:45:52 UTC 1995

For those of you attending OOPSLA, here's a list of Self-related

Monday, 1.30

Tutorial: Efficient Implementation of Object-Oriented Programming
Languages, Craig Chambers



Paper: The Self-4.0 user interface: manifesting a system-wide vision
of concreteness, uniformity and flexibility, by Randall Smith, John
Maloney and Dave Ungar.


Paper: Annotating objects for transport to other worlds, Dave Ungar.

(between these talks is Walter Smith's talk about NewtonScript)


paper: Type feedback vs. concrete type inference: a comparison of
optimization techniques for object-oriented languages, Ole Agesen and
Urs Hoelzle.

2.00 (we think)

Demo: Kansas: Self's large network-based shared space, Randy Smith and
Mario Wolczko
This demo is repeated on Wednesday at 1.30.

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