slot types

Huebner Michael.Huebner at PrakInf.TU-Ilmenau.DE
Mon Oct 9 13:13:27 UTC 1995

1) In an uncomplete object there should be a distinction between
those method slots that can savely be accessed with that uncomplete object as the receiver
and those that need a complete child that delegates the access to the slots because they
contain "template methods" which in turn access data slots in the receiver (the complete object).

2) Another slot type could be a new parent type that when executing a message that is defined
in this parent or in any of its normal parents becomes the receiver of the resulting messages. 
I would call this implicit forwarding in contrast to the well-known (implicit) delegating.

rec mess -> rec becomes receiver of messages resulting of the execution of mess
		(explicit forwarding)
mess -> receiver is unchanged even if mess is defined in parent* or parent* parent* or ...
		(implicit delegating)
rec.mess -> receiver is unchanged but lookup starts in rec
		(explicit delegating)

mess -> receiver is unchanged when mess is defined in parent* or parent* parent* or ...
	but if mess is defined in component+ than component+ becomes the receiver as we have written
	component mess
		(implicit forwarding)


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