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Sun Oct 8 02:41:15 UTC 1995

On Fri, 6 Oct 1995 19:54:57 -0700
David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM (David Ungar) wrote:
> [... some stuff ...]
> The only problem is that if you need to add methods to every
> one of a group of related objects you need a parent.
> So if you are creating a prototype of a kindof object that will
> be long-lived, you should still use traits, since the environment
> cannot easily add a slot to each member of a clone-family.

I may be mistaken, but doesn't the debugger allow you to do
exactly that? A sign of the Kevonization of Self ;-) ?

> But for most cases, traits are no longer needed, or used
> by yours truly.

Well, copy-downs are a little strange too, but less so than traits.
In fact, I made little use of traits when I started programming
in Self ( because I always killed all clones before changing a
prototype, a bad habit from less friendly languages :-( )

-- Jecel

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