David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Sat Oct 7 02:54:57 UTC 1995

Keith wrote about eliminating the need for traits.

Well, it is probably obscure, but there is no need for traits.
If you make an object a copy-down-child of its parent
(via the object-annotation), it will not copy-down any methods,
or constant slots.
Much of the WEB browser is written in this way.

The only problem is that if you need to add methods to every
one of a group of related objects you need a parent.
So if you are creating a prototype of a kindof object that will
be long-lived, you should still use traits, since the environment
cannot easily add a slot to each member of a clone-family.
But for most cases, traits are no longer needed, or used
by yours truly.

-- Dave

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