copy-down slots

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Mon Nov 27 22:25:49 UTC 1995

Craig, the easiest thing would be to give me a call
415 336 2618.

- Dave

PS: I think of the Self environment as supporting another language,
slightly bigger than the VM's (but I bet you know this!).

At 1:31 PM 11/27/95, Craig Chambers wrote:
>I'm doing a comparison of different languages' support for inheriting
>instance variables, overriding methods with instance variables, and vice
>versa.  Self's computational core doesn't do "inheritance" of slots, but
>instead shares them using a delegation-like mechanism.  But the Self
>does support some notion of copy-down slots, right?  Where can I find out the
>exact semantics of copy-down?  Is there a standard set of rules for what
>happens if a method slot overrides a copy-down data slot?  Or is this just up
>to the programmer when they set up their module annotations?
>Thanks for the info.
>-- Craig Chambers

-- Dave

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